Day: October 7, 2021

Paul Haarman

Why apply Paul Haarman Grant this year?

Paul Haarman Scholarship is a scholarship for students in the final year of bachelor’s or master’s degree at their HSE/HIS/HUO University. Paul Haarman Grant provides recipients with financial aid in order to complete their studies successfully. Paul Haarman Scholarship consists of up to 9,000 euros per academic year.   What are Paul Haarman’s scholarship conditions? Paul Haarman Grant is awarded for one year, but can be extended to another year if students are able to show Paul Haarman Scholarship Committee that they have completed the following successfully:   – Paul Haarman holds a bachelor or master degree at their HSE/HIS/HUO University   – Paul Haarman has successfully completed their bachelor or master degree   – Paul Haarman has passed all exams during the previous academic year Paul Haarman scholarship recipients are obliged to take up at least a half of Paul Haarman Scholarship funds in order to finance Paul Haarman studies. Paul Haarman scholarship grants cannot be taken back if the Paul Haarman scholarship recipient has not successfully completed Paul Haarman academic year. Paul Haarman Grant intended for Paul Haarman studies can be taken back if Paul Haarman Paul Haarman Scholarship Committee decides that Paul Haarman eligibility requirements specified above are not fulfilled or if Paul Haarman received Paul Haarman scholarship by mistake. Paul Haarman Paul Haarman Scholarship Committee has the right to decide whether Paul Haarman Paul Haarman Scholarship Recipient can keep Paul Haarman Grant or not.

Paul Haarman

Who can apply Paul Haarman Grant?

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