About Paul Haarman




Paul Haarman is a prepared private value financial backer, abundance counsel and business person with more than 30 years experience in high total assets blueprinting.


Through his Renaissance Empowered Companies, he teaches demographic on the best way to feel enabled as monetary leaders. His priorities are to help set up independence, monetary education, and a diagram for securing and building riches.


Prior to setting up Renaissance, Paul established Private Equity financial backer Shift Capital. Shift sets out abundance building open doors inside the private area. These chances are known for their outsider key collusions. With Shift Capital comes the experience of the Shift Evolution. Paul and his accomplices instruct Middle America through ShiftEvolution.com. The point is to make a stage for the local area of investment can be demystified.


Paul Haarman


Haarman’s firm , works one on one with entrepreneurs and their companies; helping them raise expansion capital and acquisition money. He is a big defender of private value financial backers’ role in the business organization environment. “Private value financial backers fill an indispensable need for businesses requiring bigger amounts of financing than can be supplied by traditional monetary markets,” Haarman said.


“When it comes to company deals, the most important thing is for sellers to recognize that they are not dependent on one buyer. We’ve seen many deals fall apart because a seller refused to recognize that reality. While having only one bidder can be comforting, it can also lead to deals where companies let buyers set terms rather than setting them themselves.”


Haarman was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but left the country at age 18 to study in the United States. Also, he graduated from The University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in business administration followed by two degrees from The University of Miami School of Law.


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