Paul Haarman Expresses Concern Over the Impact of COVID-19 On Higher Education

Paul Haarman

One of the sectors that are badly affected due to the pandemic is higher education. The fact that colleges and universities have shut their doors for physical classes is not the only cause for concern. Aside from this, other aspects have contributed to the uncertainty that looms large over the sector. Let us find what they are Paul Haarman.

How far are grants and scholarships helping in higher education assesses

Although physical classes have stopes for the time being and are not expect to return to normal at least till the time the kids are not vaccinate as well, many students are facing a different problem.

Many households have lost their sole bread earner to COVID-19 or have had to suffer job loss and pay cuts. And students belonging to these households are finding it increasingly difficult to carry on with their studies.

Undoubtedly, there are many grants and scholarships that philanthropists extend for deserving students, yet in several instances, it has been observed that these grants or scholarships are the only fractions of what expense students have to incur on their education at colleges and universities.

Under such circumstances, many students are opting for part-time jobs to make ends meet and also to fund their education. Many students believe that it is a respite that the classes are being held online or virtually due to the pandemic. This is advantageous in many ways.

Availing of virtual classes means that you do not have to travel to your college or university daily. So, you save a lot of money on that. Not only that, many students stay in rented premises while they are away from their hometown to study in colleges or universities.

Due to such a setup, the grants and scholarships that many students are availing of during the pandemic are adequate.

As far as prerequisites for availing scholarships is concerned, they are different from one another. While few require you to write essays on specified topics, few will ask for your grades. The grant is extended to a limit number of students and the name of the qualifying student announces later.

The scholarship/grant amount differs according to the class to which you are seeking admission.

Online classes have made it possible for innumerable students to take their classes at their own pace and convenience. Also, it has become affordable, and teachers are available round the clock to clarify doubts.

Advantages of online classes at a glimpse

Aside from availability, affordability, convenience, few other factors have made it a much sought-after mode of learning.

The benefits can be list as follows-

  • Unlike classes that are conduct physically, in the case of online classes, the tutorials that upload can be access again and again whenever you want to look up.
  • You can avail time slots that match your time and submit your assignments and projects virtually.

As cited by Paul Haarman, regardless of whether you are attending physical classes or virtual, grants and scholarships have always benefited students. You only need to qualify for them.

Paul Haarman