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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Guest Blog More Appealing

What helps a blog Grow? Most experts like Paul Haarman would tell you that submitting guest posts and getting them published can help your blog’s audience grow. In reality, this is only true to a certain extent because while guest posting does help bring more traffic to a blog, add the word tactical at the start, and it will help your career grow. With the help of RMG Digital Solutions, you can achieve this and so much more. If you are typing out a blog with the mantra “quantity over quality,” you aren’t following a strategy that might give you long-term benefits. This is why you need to take a different approach when you are guest blogging because it’s not the same as writing a blog for your website. Here are a few tips shared by Paul Haarman to help you make your guest blog more appealing: Your Guest Post Should Lead to an Outcome and Not Your Homepage Just before your guest post begins, there’s a small space given to you where your biography goes along with a link to your website. You can also include a couple of links in the post to direct readers to your personal blog. Many newbies make the mistake of sending readers to their product or service page or a completely unrelated post. Let’s say that your goal is to double the number of your subscribers. Sending your readers to a product page won’t help you achieve this. You need to direct them to a free giveaway such as an eBook, which they can access after signing up, Paul Haarman says. Make Sister Posts More traffic is the…