Ten pieces of advice for entrepreneurs starting today by Paul Haarman

Paul Haarman

Grinding, hustling, and pushing for traction: this is what entrepreneurship entails, and that’s precisely what we want to talk about today says Paul Haarman. Starting as an entrepreneur can feel like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Nobody said it would be easy, but there’s the enormous potential of growth, freedom, and fulfillment on the other side of the challenge.

Find your passion –

What drives you? What excites you? What do you care about? Why does it matter to you? Your answer to these questions will determine where you’ll end up in life more than anything else. If you don’t know how to answer that question, do some soul searching and try different things until you find your passion.

Find a problem to solve –

Once you’ve found your passion, it’s time to start looking for issues that you can try and solve. What point in life bothers you the most? Is there anything in your daily routine that annoys you so much that you’d love to fix it? Try and tackle this head-on and see what happens. What we think is unimportant often turns out to be the opposite once we dive deep into what we care about.

Think big but start small –

Paul Haarman says, your initial ideas might seem overwhelming and too ambitious at first glance, but instead of feeling discouraged by them, see how many of those things you could get done with enough effort and dedication. And this doesn’t mean one big project followed by a few smaller ones. It means multiple small projects chipping away at the bigger one until it’s doable.

Make time to improve yourself –

You can’t expect to build something great for people if you’re not even great yourself. Paul Haarman says we all have flaws, but what truly separates promising entrepreneurs from bad ones is the ability to get better every day and try to fix them or work around them to become better versions of ourselves, both as business owners and individuals.

Understand that things will go wrong –

Entrepreneurship is challenging because there are countless obstacles on your way forward every single day. Still, the only factual mistake you could be making is giving up or thinking that you’ve failed.

Don’t listen to the naysayers –

There will always be people who tell you that what you’re doing is wrong or won’t work, but the only opinion that truly matters is yours. As long as you’re passionate about something and you believe in it, nothing else really matters.

Take risks –

One of the best pieces of advice for entrepreneurs starting today is to take risks. Yes, this could mean losing some money now and then, but it can do so much more than just fill up your bank account- it could help build lifelong skills necessary for success later on down the road if things go well enough.

Be persistent –

The difference between successful entrepreneurs and those who gave up too early is persistence. It’s about not saying “no” to yourself, no matter how challenging situations get, and continuing your journey until you succeed.

Don’t focus on what’s lacking

There are many ways things can go wrong for new entrepreneurs, but instead of getting sad or demotivated by the lack of success, use that as inspiration to work even harder towards achieving your vision. The right attitude will carry you a long way through the difficult times ahead.

Be open-minded –

And lastly, always be open-minded to new ideas and challenges because they might just turn out to be some of the best learning experiences you’ll ever have. And don’t forget that whatever happens today is simply preparation for tomorrow.

Paul Haarman